Hurricane Biker Girls Of San Diego

Real Drama At 100+MPH!

“Hurricane Biker Girls of San Diego”

Created by Stafford Bailey & Judy Bailey with Dennis Gelbaum
Executive Producers Dennis Gelbaum, Stafford Bailey & Judy Bailey

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20 Four 7 Productions and ramp it up entertainment are developing “The Hurricane Biker Girls Of San Diego” – an up-close and very personal high speed multimedia reality series about seven members (and their families and friends) of an exclusive, all female motorcycle club…stunning, ambitious, classy women sharing their authentic, real life stories about life’s challenges and opportunities – women competing in a man’s sport and doing it in 6” stiletto heels!

Stafford Bailey and Judy Bailey, the founders of 20 Four 7 Productions, met some of the Hurricane Biker Girls and immediately saw the special relationship that existed among the members. They created the original concept for the reality series and then reached out to Dennis Gelbaum, ramp it up entertainment, to further develop, pitch, sell and produce the broadcast series – with additional content for web and mobile.

Gelbaum adds, “There are more than 5 million female motorcycle riders – 1 out of every 10 motorcycle owners are women – and they are the fastest growing demographic in motorcycling. When you take all the pieces – a great city – San Diego, seven beautiful women riding motorcycles, women taking control of their lives – feeling the freedom, the empowerment, the independence of biking and put it all together in one neat package – you got something really incredible – you get the Hurricane Biker Girls of San Diego!”

These women aren’t your typical biker chicks. They’re career women, moms and housewives who juggle burgeoning careers and busy home lives amidst the whirl of California’s second largest city. These are beautiful, strong and independent women with a love for sisterhood, SPEED and HOT BIKES!

“Like any other exclusive club, we select our members with attributes such as the desire for the thrill of the ride, mental strength, physical appeal and ambrosial personality. Shy girls need not apply.”

Meet The Hurricane Biker Girls of San Diego

India Moss – AKA “Blue Rose” Co-Founder & President
Recently separated and mother of a 6-year-old daughter, India is one of the original founders of The Hurricane Biker Girls. Blue learned how to ride in heels because she’s short and refused to lower her bike because she loves to ride in the mountains and canyons…and wanted to hit the turns low and tight. She is a born leader and strongly believes that your job and hobbies should not be based on gender. Speed is her passion (she’s been clocked at 175 miles an hour) and so is this club. She runs a tight ship and won’t back down from anyone!

Kisha Williams – AKA “Stallion” Co-Founder
A single mom of a very active 1-year-old little girl, this Navy Recruiter of 13 years is also a budding designer who wants to start her own line of biker clothes for women because as she puts it “I couldn’t find anything cute to wear.” The comedian in the group, Stallion started riding because she got tired of riding on the back. She started the group with “Blue Rose” because they believed if they (men) can do it, we could do it better! AND look better doing it!

Melissa Roderick – AKA “Tynee”
These women are like family to me says Melissa. I’m a single mom with 3 boys and they all think I’m cool. The “sweet one” in the group says she purposely painted her bike with fairies so no man would want to ride it. She loves the independence riding gives her.

Colisha Hodges – AKA “Soudeour” pronounced So-Jah
Married with kids. Riding is her escape and she uses riding as a form of “anger management” from her kids, husband and her demanding career in the military.

Monique Daniel – AKA “Mo Love”
Born in the Caribbean and raised in Canada. ‘Mo Love” has a high stress career in the medical field so riding gives her relief and freedom. Being in control is a must for her. She refuses to be someone’s headrest (a bikers passenger) and loves wearing sexy studded gear and stiletto heels when she rides. Mo Love joined the Hurricane Bike Girls because as she puts it, “I love to see women running shit.”

Vicki Coore – AKA “Sistah” Vice-President
An opinionated, get what she wants kind of gal. Sistah has been around motorcycles all her life. Every year she changes the color of her bike to suit her mood. This year it’s hot pink with a jungle print and custom helmet to match. She says, for years men have had their own clique, and it’s time for women to join together and make it happen. We’re taking over and we’re not giving it back.

Tonisha Gilliam – AKA “Glossy”
Started riding after her roommate bought a motorcycle. However, riding didn’t come naturally to Glossy. After completing motorcycle-riding school her instructor gave her a hug and said “God help you.” Glossy never gave up. She fell in love with the sport and followed what now is her passion. Glossy is a mom and when she’s speeding down the highway she wants people to know it’s a feminine woman under that helmet.

ramp it up entertainment
Dennis Gelbaum

20 Four 7 Productions
Judy Bailey

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